Wire Wrapped Ring - How To Make A Wire Wrapped Button Ring

How to make rings..wire wrapped button rings..

I couldn't wait to show this tutorial with you once I made this ring. It turned out adorable!

All you need is:
  • 18 gauge artistic wire (I am using silver plated wire)
  • button (not too big)
  • needle nose pliers
  • mandrel

  1. First what you need to do is cut a piece of wire about 2'
  2. Insert wire through top two holes in button like it shows in the photo.
  3. Then, flatten wire on back of button to make a straight line.
  4. Wrap wire around mandrel. You should start wrapping an inch larger than the size you want. After twisting and tightening the wire, the ring will shrink in size. So if you want to make a size 7, start wrapping at the size 8 mark.
  5. Wrap on each side of button 2x.
  6. Take wire off mandrel, hold end of wire and wrap across like so in pic. Wrapping around wire 2 to 3 times then cut with pliers.
  7. Now do the same to the other side and cut.
  8. Now mend your ends by using the flat part of the pliers.
  9. Last put the ring back on the mandrel as far as it will go to get back in shape.
  10. Tada! Your done!


How to Make A Fabric Covered Button Ring Tutorial

This is the neatest idea! One day I was going through a huge old box of antique buttons. I was drawn to the fabric covered ones but didn't like the fabric on them. I thought, wouldn't it be an awesome idea to be able to choose the fabric myself! Girlie fabric, hip fabric, holiday fabric...so many ideas!

So I went to my home away from home (Hobby Lobby) and picked up a fabric button making kit for $2.99. You get 5 buttons and the tools to make it. You'll also need a ring base from the jewelry department also at Hobby Lobby. There about $1.25 maybe. I have ALOT of fabric at home so I didn't need to visit the fabric cutting lady. I came home and came up with this awesome fabric covered button...ring!

Check out this tute and try it for yourself, there's no end to what you can do with this!

1. You'll need a fabric covered button kit and a ring base. (Hobby Lobby)
2. Cut a 2" diameter from cardboard for pattern
3. Trace pattern on back of fabric
4. Cut fabric

5. Get out your mold
6. Lay fabric circle over mold
7. Lay button over fabric
8. Push fabric down into mold and button. ( I used the end of a pencil)

9. This is what it will look like
10. Now use your pencil to push fabric into back of button
11. Take the back of the button, place it over fabric and push down. You'll hear a thump.
12. Oops.. My bad..

13. Now your ready to take it out.
14. Push from the bottom of the mold to pop the button out.
15. Tada! Now you have a fabric covered button.
16. Now to make into a hip cute ring.. Squeeze a glob of E6000 onto back.

17. Place base ring onto the back of your button. Hold still for about 30 seconds and let dry overnight.
18. There you go, a fabric covered button ring in your own style.
19. So many possibilities as you can see.
20. Looks great huh?


Guest Blogger: Carla from BlueBerry Junkie!

This week I have invited Carla from Blueberry Junkie over to guest blog with us. I met her through Etsy, she has the most beautiful stuff in her shop.  Make sure you visit her Etsy shop, BlueberryJunkie.Etsy.com.

Here is a short bio of Carla Guevara,

Based in Ontario, Canada, Carla Guevara is the Ecuadorian-born owner/designer of Blueberry Junkie.  She is the mom of two boys who runs her indie business around their schedule (mainly when they are sleeping).  Through Blueberry Junkie, Carla designs and creates quality handmade products for babies + kids that are both practical and stylish. She is constantly dreaming up new projects for her Blueberry Junkie shop.  You may contact Carla atwww.blueberryjunkie.com.

She has decided to give us a tutorial on,
"How to make a Reusable Christmas Gift Bag"!

Materials and Tools

- red felt 2 (8x11.5 in), scrap of off white felt and pink felt
- embroidery floss in black and pink
- embroidery thread
- scissors, pins, ruler, chalk pencil
- sewing machine
- ribbon

1. Measure carefully and cut two pieces measuring 8.5 x 11in out of the red felt. If you want to skip the measuring, just grab a sheet of paper (printer paper will do the trick), pin it onto the red felt and cut around it. Put the red felt aside for now.
2. Take your cookie cutter shape (I chose a star for this project) and trace it onto the off-white felt. Cut it.
3. Pin the star felt shape into place on the lower part one of your 8.5 x 11 piece of red felt. I chose to use my sewing machine to stitch on the star, but this can easily be done by hand using a running stitch.
4. Once the star has been stitched on, it is time to add some details. With embroidery thread and an embroidery needle I added eyes and a mouth.
5. Cut 2 small circles out of pink felt and using a running stitch them, secure them onto the star. Almost done.
6. Take your 2 pieces of red felt, align them carefully and pin the edges. Using your sewing machine (you can also do this by hand), stitch around the sides and the bottom edges. Leave the bottom edge open. Voila! your reusable felt gift back is ready.

All that is left to do now is insert your present, add a pretty ribbon to close the bag and you are done. Customization options are only limited by your imagination. Instead of a star try monogramming it with the recipient’s initial. You can also make bags in other colors to match your Christmas color scheme.

-Thank you Jessica for the opportunity to share this tutorial with your blog readers. It’s that gift giving time of year again, which means a lot of wrapping. Last year, tired of all the waste in packaging during the Holidays, I decided to stop using wrapping paper, boxes, and other materials that get discarded. Instead, I decided to sew several simple felt bags to present my gifts in. Yes, this require some work, but these gift bags are extremely easy and quick to make, you will have several in no time. The best part, once you make them, you can keep reusing them year after year.
Felt is a great material to work with, as it doesn’t fray, therefore, it requires minimal sewing. This tutorial is for a bag that measures 8.5 x 11in (you can use a regular printer paper as a template) but you can make it as bit or as small as you need to.

"Thank you Carla for taking the time to put together this fun tutorial for CDH readers!  I can't wait to go try it out!"
-Jessica Curry

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